Sinister Silhouettes

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Sinister Silhouettes is a true-crime podcast that explores the illicit, the sordid, and the downright conniving acts that one person can commit against another.  Join Tasha as she unravels cases that made headlines and conspiracies that just might hold a grain of truth. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your fix.

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Wild Times!

The season finale of “2020” is going to be LIT!! This has been the wildest of my nearly 50 year existence. Australia was on fire. Kobe died. A freaking pandemic. The west coast is burning. Ten US named storms (with almost two months left in hurricane season). Worldwide protests. A rogue president. Bounties on the … Continue reading “Wild Times!”

Sinister Siblings: The Papin Sisters .redcircle-link:link { color: #ea404d; text-decoration: none; } .redcircle-link:hover { color: #ea404d; } .redcircle-link:active { color: #ea404d; } .redcircle-link:visited { color: #ea404d; } Powered by RedCircle Powered by RedCircle In early 20th century France, two young sisters capture the attention of the entire country after participating in a heinous double murder.  Did the women suffer … Continue reading “Sinister Siblings: The Papin Sisters”

Sinister Siblings: Robert & Anthony Rowlingson

Cain and Abel. Esau and Jacob. There are several tales, both ancient and modern, which spoke of sibling rivalry that turned deadly. Today’s story details how one such situation shocked a family and community to their core. The family at the center of our story lived in Pittsworth, a rural town in Queensland, Australia.  They … Continue reading “Sinister Siblings: Robert & Anthony Rowlingson”

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