Late Uploads!

I’m not a very “technically savvy” individual. There. I said it. That being said, I am in the midst of a home internet nightmare that I should easily be able to figure out. I cannot. Therefore, I have to wait on a technician to come to my apartment and figure it out for me. That costs money. So, I have to move money around so I’ll have money come appointment time. Without my internet, I kind of am stuck. I will upload as soon as I have the issue fixed. Pinky promise. In the meantime, catch up with me on the socials or email: TCbyTB everywhere- including Miss you, love you! Byeee!

Author: Sinister Silhouettes

I host a podcast about murder and stuff. Oh, and conspiracies. I'm also on a "spiritual journey" so pardon me if I get serious and introspective. Did I mention sci-fi? I LOVE sci-fi.

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