Born For Greatness- Mantra 1

I’m almost afraid of success, yet I chase it. I want to elevate my thoughts. I don’t have to chase success if I BELIEVE it’s mine for the taking!

Today’s Mantra in “Born For Greatness” journey.

I’m challenging myself to rise to my potential. This is (and isn’t) a personal journey. Allow me to explain: this is a path I feel is necessary for me to build self-confidence and recognize my strengths. A lot of times, I’m my own worst critic and the effects are crippling. So, I’m embarking on a journey to change the conversations that I have with myself. I want to shed some of the beliefs I have that are limiting my growth. Yes- I have flaws and weaknesses but those aren’t the totality of who I am. I know this, but do I BELIEVE it? The answer, if I’m being honest, is no.

Even as I pursue interests (such as my podcast) that I’m passionate about, I second guess the impact I’m having or that I am likely to have. I’m almost afraid of success, yet I chase it. I want to elevate my thoughts. I don’t have to chase success if I BELIEVE it’s mine for the taking! No one said that I wouldn’t be afraid- I just can’t be STILL.

As I said earlier in this piece, the journey is personal, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. If you find yourself in a rut, lack self-confidence, or are overly critical of yourself I invite you to join me. If you have felt this way in the past and are willing to share experiences or wisdom, I encourage you to reach out to me or others (God knows I need a cheerleader!). Today is day one of “Born For Greatness” and the mantra I’ve chosen reminds me that I have a ton of qualities to offer the world that are unique to ME. Hiding my voice and procrastinating on my dreams is depriving the world of MY impact. I know it sounds narcissistic, but this whole thing is about empowering myself to be the person that I was BORN to be.

I’ll share mantra 2 tomorrow. I’m a mantra ahead on Twitter, if you want to know what tomorrow’s piece will be about. If you want to join me, tell me what today’s mantra means to YOU. What steps will you take within the next week to “Advance the World”. You have so much to offer- I hope you take me up on the challenge of being kind to yourselves. Meet you back here tomorrow!

Later, Bookworms!

Author: Sinister Silhouettes

I host a podcast about murder and stuff. Oh, and conspiracies. I'm also on a "spiritual journey" so pardon me if I get serious and introspective. Did I mention sci-fi? I LOVE sci-fi.

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