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Sinister Silhouettes LIVE

Facebook Hangout- Part Deux!

We had SO much fun last week that we’re going to do it again!

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True Crime Headlines

This week I would like to discuss True Crime stories that have been dominating the headlines.  Most of us have opinions on these cases, but my goal today is to review what we KNOW so far. Just like every other case I break down, I will share my thoughts as well.  Please note that all of the players are innocent until proven guilty. If I was seated on a jury and presented evidence that would lead to reasonable doubt, I believe I would be able to vote accordingly.  I hope the same goes for the members of my audience.

The first case I’d like to talk about is Gannon Stauch.  For those who don’t know, Gannon is an 11-year-old Colorado boy who has been missing since January 27, 2020.  He was reported missing to the police by his stepmother, Letecia Stauch. In her statement to law enforcement, she said her stepson left home sometime between 3:15 and 4:00 to visit a friend.  He didn’t return. For some reason, Gannon was referred to as a “juvenile runaway” until his status was changed to “missing and endangered” on Jan. 30. At this point, the sheriff’s office asked for the public’s help with providing info that could assist in locating the child.  Between Jan. 30 and Feb. 3, online rumors began circulating about Letecia. The chatter caught her attention and she made a public statement addressing the rumors that she was somehow involved in Gannon’s disappearance. “I took care of Gannon for the last two years in our home. I would never, never, ever hurt this child. And I know there are some questions out there … that’s up to the investigations — when they end up letting you guys know — but I’ve cooperated with them,” she told KKTV. “We are going to find Gannon, and that’s the main goal that we all have. I’m just ready for Gannon to come home.”  

She also said that death threats had been made against the family.

The FBI Child Abduction Rapid Deployment, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Colorado Springs Police Department conducted ground and aerial searches and turned up nothing.

The case got a huge assist from Roderick Drayton, a neighbor of the Stauch’s.  He went through footage recorded by his home surveillance system and came up with some absolutely astonishing footage.  The clip showed Gannon and Letecia getting into a red pickup truck at 10:13 a.m. When the truck returns four hours later, Letecia is alone.  Roderick stated to ABC News that he showed the footage to Gannon’s father, Albert Stauch, and he broke down crying. ‘She lied. She lied about the time. He didn’t go to a friend’s house,'” Drayton said.

On Feb. 5, Gannon’s family (dad Albert, mom Landen Hiott, and sister Laina) appeared in a YouTube video pleading for information that would lead to finding him.  They didn’t address the rumors or the surveillance footage- they just want their child back.

After weeks of public speculation, March 2 Letecia was arrested in connection to Gannon’s disappearance, but the charges are interesting.  On March 11, Letecia appeared in court to be formally charged.  The charges are first-degree murder of a child less than 12 by one in a position of trust; child abuse resulting in death; tampering with a body; tampering with evidence.

At this time, Gannon or his remains have not been recovered.  Letecia remains held without bond.  

The next case that is getting headlines is that of Evelyn Boswell, the 15-month-old missing Tennessee girl.  This one will give you Kaylee Anthony vibes- little Evelyn was last seen on DEC. 10, but wasn’t reported missing until Feb. 18!  An AMBER alert was issued on Feb. 19 after her grandfather called Tennessee’s Dept. of Children Services to report that he hadn’t seen her for two months.  Feb 21 a BOLO was issued for a silver BMW. The drivers of the vehicle were thought to be involved in the toddler’s disappearance. The public still wanted to know why it took two months to report her missing.  The press caught up with Evelyn’s mom, Megan Boswell as she was leaving juvenile court. They asked the typical questions that one would ask the mother of a missing child. She responded with- well, just listen to the clip.  Add clip of this dumb ass lady saying the same shit over and over.  Note that she is saying she last saw her baby the day after Christmas.  We’re sticking with the original timeline of Dec. 11 because I don’t trust a goddamn thing this girl is saying.

Meanwhile, in Wilkes County, North Carolina, authorities caught up to that BMW.  Seems that it was stolen. The occupants of said vehicle were Evelyn’s grandma, Angela Boswell, and her boyfriend, William McCloud.  

Unfortunately, they don’t have Evelyn with them.  Shit is getting convoluted, right? After appearing in court, they get extradited back to Tennessee. 

Next, we’ve got Megan Boswell once again speaking to the media.  She says that she is pregnant so she can’t take a polygraph test.  Turns out nobody asked her to take one. That same day, she was arrested by the Sullivan County Sherriff’s office for false reporting.  When the media made inquiries as to pregnant inmates in custody at the Sullivan County jail, there were none listed. Apparently, Megan was lying to get out of being asked for a polygraph.

That takes us to Feb, 28- at this point, the search is still on for the baby.  There have been no sightings of the child while her mom and grandma are locked up.  Grandma Angela bonds out. We see a flurry of court appearances over the following days- William and Angela for theft.  Megan for false reporting. Angela thanks the public for their help in searching for Evelyn and William bonds out.

On March 6, the remains of Evelyn Boswell were found at Megan’s father’s home.  Yes, the same grandfather that reported her missing in the first place. The cause of death is unknown and the autopsy was sealed.  It has been reported that along with the baby, authorities found diapers and toys that were thought to have been Evelyn’s. Reminder, there have been no arrests in connection to the death of Evelyn Boswell- everyone involved is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  

I guess you can say that I saved the most twisted story for last.  I’m sure most of you know what’s coming- the disappearance of JJ and Tylee Vallow.  This case has so many twists and turns it should really be an episode all by itself.  It jumps off with a set of grandparents who haven’t seen their grandchild since Sept. They contacted police to conduct a well-being check at the home where their 7-year-old grandson, JJ Vallow, lived with his adoptive mother, Lori, and sister, Tylee who is 17.  But, to totally see the full picture, we need to travel further back in time to Feb of 2019. That’s when Charles Vallow, the children’s father, filed for divorce from Lori Vallow. He claimed that she had begun to act erratically and refused to get help. In early March, he pulled JJ out of school and took him to Texas to be near family.  By June, Lori re-enrolled JJ for summer classes. This had to be a difficult time for him because JJ is autistic. A routine is very important to him. 

 On July 11, Charles was at the home of Lori and the children when he and Lori got into an altercation over his cell phone.  He caught her going through it and an argument ensued. Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, was there and he claims that he and Tylee intervened in the fight.  Tylee supposedly grabbed a bat and was using it to defend her mother. The bat was apparently snatched by Charles and he struck Alex in the head with it.  At this point, Alex retrieved his handgun and shot Charles, killing him. He then called 911 and reported that he killed his brother-in-law in self-defense.   The police came and did their report, noting that Lori seemed really nonchalant about the death of her ex-husband. In fact, that same day, she hosted a fucking pool party.  

August 30th, Tylee facetimed with her older brother.  This was the last time he would see her. His mother would make excuses for why Tylee was unavailable when he tried to reach her after this date.  On this same day, Lori arranged to have JJ’s autism service dog picked up. This was a strange request because JJ needed the dog to calm him and help him cope with anxiety.  The dog also assists him in being independent and performing regular daily activities.  

On Sept 5, JJ was once again pulled out of school by Lori.  She claimed to be moving to California to start a new job. Instead of Cali, the family moved to Rexburg, Idaho although the date is a bit fuzzy. We do know that Tylee was alive on September 8, 2019, because a photo of the family was taken at Yellowstone National Park.  This is, however, the last public sighting of Tylee. On Sept. 17, a neighbor’s doorbell camera records JJ playing in the yard in Idaho. Neighbors were keeping an eye on him, as it seemed that he was left unattended for hours at a time. On Sept. 19, Lori hires a babysitter to watch him (where’s Tylee?).  JJ attended school in Idaho for the last time on Sept. 23. By the 24, Lori told the babysitter her services were no longer needed and also told the school that she would homeschooling JJ. At the beginning of October, Lori rents a storage unit. Inside are some of the kids’ belongings and photo albums, among other things.  On Oct.2, Brandon Boudreaux, ex-husband of Lori Vallow’s niece, Melani Boudreaux, says he was shot at in a drive by. Brandon says the shooter was Alex Cox, and he was driving Charles Vallow’s Jeep.

Tammy Daybell, wife of Chad Daybell, dies in Idaho. The coroner originally declares the cause of death as natural causes and she is buried a few days later.

Police begin surveillance of Lori Vallow. Detectives report never seeing Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow once during the month of November

Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow get married in Hawaii.

Rexburg police say they receive a request for a welfare check on Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow at a home in Rexburg. After arriving at the home, officers say Lori and Chad tell officers the children are with a family friend in Arizona.

After the children are not located in Arizona, police return to the townhome with a search warrant to find Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow. Officers say they find the house empty, and learn after further investigation that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell had left Rexburg, possibly without the children. Police also search other homes in Rexburg looking for the children and the storage unit that Lori had rented.

Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell fly from Los Angeles to the island of Kauai. Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and Tylee Ryan do not fly with them.

The family friend in Arizona tells police that both Lori and Chad had asked her to lie and tell officers Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow was with her. The friend says she declined the request.

Tammy Daybell’s body is exhumed so investigators can conduct an autopsy and tests to determine cause of death.

Alex Cox, Lori Vallow’s brother, dies at a home in Gilbert, Arizona . The cause of death has not been released to the public.

Rexburg Police, and other agencies, issue a press release asking for the public’s help locating Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and Tylee Ryan.

Rexburg Police ask for the public’s help locating Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. Police say the two are wanted for questioning in connection to the children’s disappearance.

Rexburg police update the public on Facebook with details from the case. Police believe Lori knows the location of the children or what happened to them, but say she refused to work with officers.

The credit card Lori Vallow used to rent the storage facility is declined when the business tries to bill her.

Deputies execute a search warrant at Chad Daybell’s home in Fremont County, Idaho.

Larry and Kay Woodcock, the children’s grandparents, offer a $20,000 reward for information.

The State of Idaho files a protection order in Madison County on behalf of the children, ordering Lori Vallow to produce them.

Police on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands give Lori Vallow the Idaho court order to produce the children to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare within five days.

Kauai police execute search warrants on Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell and their SUV, finding numerous things belonging to the children, including their birth certificates. Police also search their condo.

Larry and Kay Woodcock file for temporary guardianship of Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow.

The deadline to produce the children to Idaho authorities is missed by Lori. No charges or warrants are filed at the time.

The case gets featured national coverage on NBC’s Dateline in a two-hour special on Valentine’s Day. Reporter Keith Morrison calls the story “one of the most bizarre stories, bizarre situations I’ve encountered in this business.”

Maui police say they have been advised that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell traveled to the island of Maui from Kauai, but also say that they are not involved in any investigation of the couple.

Lori Vallow is arrested by Kauai police on multiple charges, including desertion and nonsupport of dependent children.

Lori Vallow makes her first court appearance in Hawaii. Her attorney asks for her bond to be lowered from $5 million to $10,000. The judge refuses.

At a court hearing, a judge denies Lori Vallow’s request to reduce her bond amount from $5 million. It is also announced that Vallow has agreed to be returned to Idaho to face the charges filed against her.

After leaving Hawaii late on March 4, she arrives in Idaho the afternoon of March 5, landing in Boise before being taken to Rexburg.

Lori Vallow is booked into the Madison County Jail in Rexburg, Idaho.

Where are the children?

Updates & shit

“Ready to Glare” on YouTube gives us an update!!
She doesn’t share my theory that the kids are possibly alive, but her commentary is A+!

So, what do you think? More on the Vallow case as it unfolds.